Do you have what it takes to be an Approach Controller? Can you guide aircraft approaching and departing at an increasing pace? APP Control puts you in the seat of an air traffic controller, right in front of the radar scope.

Play the free version of this intense, addictive game here on the web or upgrade to the premium version to gain access to more airports. Play on the go on your iPhone or you iPad with APP Control for iPhone and iPad

FlightGlobal’s Flight Blogs described APP control for iPhone’s first version “Best ATC-style game yet”.

So, what’s your mission? Like a real-life air traffic controller you must maintain a lateral separation of 3 miles or a vertical separation of 1000 feet between aircraft landing and departing.

Give altitude, speed, heading and direct-to clearances to aircraft and make them reach the initial approach fix or the exit point at the flight plan altitude.

Challenge your skills at 25 different airports:

London Heathrow – New-York JFK – Paris Charles de Gaulle – Houston Intercontinental – Frankfurt am Main – Miami International – Zurich Kloten – Chicago O’Hare – Amsterdam Schiphol – Dallas Fort-Worth – Las Vegas – Los Angeles – Hamburg – Wichita – Sydney – Denver – San Diego – Madrid Barajas - Charlotte Douglas International - Milano Malpensa - Copenhagen - Brussels - Bangkok - Atlanta - Oslo - London City

This game reproduces some features of real air traffic control systems including various label schemes, speed vector, history dots and short term conflict alerts.

Click here to get Approach Control for iPhone and iPad from the AppStore. The new version now supports the iPad in full resolution in portrait and landscape orientations!

Want to give it a try for free on iPhone or iPad? Test it with the Lite version, which contains only two airports: London Heathrow and New-York JFK.

Please send your ideas, tips and support requests to vincent [at] appcontrolgame [dot] com

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