How to play APP Control?

To which altitude shall I clear aircraft?
Departing aircraft shall reach their exit point at the requested altitude, and the landing aircraft shall reach the final approach fix at the requested altitude. The requested altitude is shown in the label of the selected aircraft and is displayed with a light green background on the altitude selector. Aircraft that are not selected have their altitude displayed in bold as long as they are not at the requested altitude.

How to make an aircraft land?
Aircraft fly the final approach and land automatically. To make this happen, you must direct aircraft to the final approach fix / outer marker (that’s the triangle at the end of the dashed line leading to the runway) at the requested altitude (see above).

How does the scoring system work?
Each aircraft starts with 5000 points. Then, aircraft loose one point with each position update. When an aircraft lands, or reaches its exit point at the correct altitude, the remaining points are are added to the score. So the fastest an aircraft reaches its destination, the better.

Changing the destination runway for an arriving aircraft does not lead to a penalty.

More airports…

How do I get more airports?

The free version offers only two airports, London Heathrow and New-York JFK. With the full version (iPhone / iPad), you can access up to 80 airports, some created by your fellow players.

How can I get my favorite airport in APP Control?
If have an iPad and feel like creating the airport you want yourself, get the APPControl Editor app on the AppStore, it’s for free. With this app, you can create your airport, test it, and then submit it for inclusion in the airports database.

This sounds too complicated? Then just get in touch via the Feedback page, or send a mail to vincent [at] with your request, and we’ll do the best to accommodate it.

I have a new iPod / iPhone / iPad / …

Do I have to re-buy the game?

No. As long as you use the same apple id (email address), you ca re-download all the apps you purchased, including APPControl.

Do I have to re-buy the airports I purchased?

No. As long as you use the same apple id (email address), you ca re-download all your purchases, including the extra airports you bought. To do that, get them again using the same procedure (“Get more airports” button, …). apple keeps track of your purchases and you won’t be charged again.

Leaderboards login and website login

Why does my login not work on the website?
The free account created using the app is used to submit your scores to the online leaderboards. The accounts on the website are to play to premium version online, and this is for a fee. These are two different things that do not relate to each other.

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