APPControl 2.4 – Introducing leaderboards

After a few months of work, APP Control version 2.4 hit the AppStore one week ago. Besides a few bugfixes (hopefully the whitescreen issue is eventually solved), the biggest change is the introduction of the online scoring system. To use it, you first have to create a free account, by clicking on “Change user” and then “Create new user”. Once this is done, you can login from the “Change user” menu. From then on, the number of controlled aircraft and of points collected will be tracked online when you finish a game. The scores are tracked in four categories:

  • iPhone – 25 aircraft
  • iPhone – Unlimited
  • iPad – 25 aircraft
  • iPad – Unlimited

iPhone and iPad scores are tracked separately, because the distance between the entry / exit points and the runways are larger on the iPad. The iPad’s user interface is also easier to use, as the control panel is always visible and is not an overlay. The leaderboards display results per airport and game mode (25 aircraft or unlimited), for the logged in user or for all. Now, we’ll see who’s the best approach controller out there.

After one week, the system works fine, despite a few hiccups that will get fixed as soon as possible. The next update shall come in the next weeks, but this will be a minor one.

We were very excited to release this version, because for the first time we have more information about you, players, about what you like, how you play the game, and so on. We were also not sure how many players would register, or how many registration we should expect. Privacy is important to us, so we won’t reveal any specific information here, but here are a few statistics about the first week:

  • 350 users did register, that’s an average of 50 per day
  • 250 to 300 games are registered daily, with an upwards tendency
  • 80% of the registered scores are on iPad, mostly in 25 aircraft mode
  • The most played airport are London Heathrow and New-York JFK
  • The most active user (no names, remember…) played over 100 games in 5 days

The majority of “25 aircraft” mode scores is not surprising, as the scoring system is available for the lite version as well, which offers only the 25 aircraft mode. The full version is required to play unlimited games. Heathrow and JFK are available in the lite version, which explains why these are the most played airports. In the full version, the German airports seem to be quite popular.

The fact that 80% of the scores come from iPads was more surprising. We had no data so far about this and we expected a 50 / 50 distribution between iPhone and iPad players.This kind of information helps us to continue the development in the right direction, and make a better APP Control for you. And so does your feedback. We always appreciate when you get in touch, be it on this blog, per mail, on the APP Control facebook page, or with ratings and reviews on the AppStore.

We’re now working on the next version, to fix a few minor issues, and we prepared a nice surprise as well, which should be available within a week: a new iPad app to allow you to create new airports… And this will be for free. More on this on a next post.

For now, we’d like to thanks all users for being such a great community, and ask you to spread the word about APP Control. Show it to your ATC friends, and keep the fun coming.

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