APPControl 2.5 – Cleared for approach

APPControl version 2.5 has been released on the AppStore earlier this week, and we advise all players to update. This version fixes a but showing “Logged as (null)” after an update. This occurs when the user was never logged in, and this has been fixed. The new version shows “Tap change user to log in”.

Version 2.5 also changes the phraseology for landing aircraft. So far, the approach clearances did sound like “Cleared direct runway XX”, which is not really correct. So now the clearances for approach are “Cleared approach runway XX”. The “Direct” buttons habe also been updated to “Approach” buttons, for incoming aircraft.

This version came out rapidly after 2.4 to fix the Login issue, and version 2.6 shall come soon as well, introducing a very frequently requested feature: incoming traffic indicators…

If you have a suggestion or request, please send it to vincent [at], or leave a comment on the feedback page on this site.

And don’t forget to show APPControl to all your aviation friends…

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