APPControl 2.8 – Airports Party

Since the introduction of the airport editor app for iPad, the number of airports has been constantly growing. The next database update, expected this week, will contain a total of 94 airports. Some are real, other are imaginary, like the Squareport (four runways arranged in a square) or Chaos with its two runways launching departing aircraft in opposite directions! All airports created by users are available for free to every user of the full version.
With such a number of airports available, the old graphical interface with the “Next airport” and “Previous airport” buttons was reaching its limits. So did as well the airport addition pages. So we introduced a new design with version 2.8. The main menu now shows airport previews, and you can select the airport you want by touching it, or swipe through all previews until you find the airport you want. When you click on “Get more airports”, you can now activate and deactvate each one individually (except the paid ones), to customize the menu as you want.
There is one more change in version 2.8, which was requested by Loren, a very active player… When the game gets interrupted (pressing the “pause” button, and then the “back to menu” button), the score gets registered with the online scoring system, assuming you are logged in. So if you reach your best score ever but have no time left to play, this gives you the opportunity to have your score registered.
By the way, four players did score unlimited games with more than 1000 aircraft controlled. Can you beat that?
The next version will contain redesigned leaderboards, but we’re also working on a new product, going towards more realism and some very exciting new features. Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list and check our facebook page to be the first informed.

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