Because the approach control is not enough, our new iPad app TWRControl gives you control over the airport! Guide aircraft coming from the ramp to a safe take-off and avoid conflicts with landings! Can you manage traffic at an airport with crossing runways and taxiways safe and efficient? How many aircraft can you get through within five minutes? The app comes with:

  • four airports
  • time limited and unlimited modes
  • a fun mode where you must just avoid aircraft bumping into each other
  • a real mode using much more realistic conflict detection rules (runway incursions, …)

Get TWRControl now and share the ATC fun with your friends!


When we launched APPControl Voice Edition, the voice controlled version of APPControl more than one month ago, the biggest question was: will the speech recognition be good enough to make it playable? The video we posted was quite convincing, but this was with only one (namely my) voice. Would it be good enough with a large sample of voices?

We have the answer now, and this is a “loud and clear” yes! The adaptations we made to the game to incorporate voice control result in recognition rates above 80%, which makes it perfectly playable. We also got enthusiastic reviews on the AppStore, which is always appreciated. We posted some today on our new facebook page, go there to read them.

The next steps for the voice edition are aimed at bringing it closer the the classic edition, with features like airports downloads from our ever growing database, and access to the online leaderboards. We’ll also improve the practice room. There is no date set for this new version at this point, so stay tuned on this blog, on our facebook page, and subscribe to our newsletter to be informed.

And as always, if you have wishes, remarks, ideas, contact us, we’re always happy to receive feedback from you.


Crazy December at APPControl headquarters

December 28, 2012

December is almost gone, and it has been a crazy month at the APPControl headquarters. Many of the things we had in the plans for too much time eventually got done. After the release of APPControl HD for iPad earlier this year, it was already time for a first update. By the time this post […]

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APPControl 2.8 – Airports Party

October 6, 2012

Since the introduction of the airport editor app for iPad, the number of airports has been constantly growing. The next database update, expected this week, will contain a total of 94 airports. Some are real, other are imaginary, like the Squareport (four runways arranged in a square) or Chaos with its two runways launching departing […]

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APPControl 2.5 – Cleared for approach

June 30, 2012

APPControl version 2.5 has been released on the AppStore earlier this week, and we advise all players to update. This version fixes a but showing “Logged as (null)” after an update. This occurs when the user was never logged in, and this has been fixed. The new version shows “Tap change user to log in”. […]

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APPControl 2.4 – Introducing leaderboards

June 14, 2012

After a few months of work, APP Control version 2.4 hit the AppStore one week ago. Besides a few bugfixes (hopefully the whitescreen issue is eventually solved), the biggest change is the introduction of the online scoring system. To use it, you first have to create a free account, by clicking on “Change user” and […]

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APPControl version 2.3 for iOS available

February 5, 2012

We’re very excited to announce that APPControl 2.3 for iOS did hit the AppStore earlier this week. This was a bit later then we expected, but some hiccups during the review process delayed it for a few days. This version contains two new features, a small but very often requested one, and ont that we […]

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Happy Birthday APP Control

January 22, 2012

One year ago, what started as a funny little programming exercise between Christmas and New Years’s Eve hit the AppStore. A very rudimentary air traffic control simulator running on iPhone. Do you remember it? Every input was done using buttons, there was not even a wind rose to assign headings… The later versions included more […]

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