Crazy December at APPControl headquarters

December is almost gone, and it has been a crazy month at the APPControl headquarters. Many of the things we had in the plans for too much time eventually got done. After the release of APPControl HD for iPad earlier this year, it was already time for a first update. By the time this post gets online, the new version is waiting for apple’s approval, and we hope it should be online in the first week of 2013. It includes many new aircraft types, but also a speech synthesis feature which we are very excited about. This is not made of pre-recorded samples like the original APPControl for iOS, but relies on online speech creation. This will allow for other new features in the future, like 5 letters intersection names, different voices, and much more. It also has a new layout, with a larger heading selector, as often requested in the first feedback we received.

The new version for Mac OS X should also be available in the first week of 2013. This version contains one major update, that many players requested: a resizable window, including full screen mode as introduced by OS X Lion. The full version can also download new airports from our servers, making more than 100 different airports available.

Another long-time project is almost completed: APP Control for Android. Many online players requested a native android version, and we already had a first prototype. But now, we’re very close to release the first Android version of APP Control on google Play. If everything goes fine, this should also be during the first week of 2013.

Our facebook page is also getting more and more active, and we aim at 300 likes by the end of the year, so if you did not like it already, now is the perfect time.

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Ec jkl January 10, 2013 at 8:13 pm

Congrats for this awesome sim. Bearing in mind that it’s already a challenging one, why don’t introduce random emergencies as medical or minimum fuel to deal with? The sooner they land, the better. Just wondering.
Have a nice flight!


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