Great game

by macfan65 on Tuesday, October 11 2011 version 2.0

A very addictive game which requires coordination, three dimensional thinking and strategic skills. The full version offers very challenging scenarios where dozens of planes must be handled in parallel. Would buy this again any time.

Great ATC game

by LenardG on Thursday, April 21 2011 version 1.2

More simulation than game, this is an excellent air traffic control simulation. If you want a fast action game, this might not be what you want. But if you are interested in atc, you will find this a very enjoyable little game.

Probably THE BEST ATC game I have played, totally addicted ……iPhone, iPad, MacBook you name it!!!

You get a lot of airports which in turn can be thought of as levels some airports are easy and some very hard !!!!

Not like the other ATC games where u just guide aircraft to the runways….on this we control speed,heading and attitude (climb and decent) !!!! We even have waypoints !!!!!!

Nice the see the use of real time

Airline call signs …another added feature !!!!

Vincent, thanks for your replies to my emails and suggestions, for a version 1 I think this game has been well thought of and balanced definitely worth the money …..will and have recommended to all my work friends/colleagues at Heathrow Airport!!

Keep up the good work, will look out for future updates….’Happy Flying’

App control

by Vibs. on Saturday, October 29 2011 version 2.1

It’s the most real experience I have ever had to play a air traffic controller. For ages I was searching for this game. I had played a very similar game on commodore 64 when I was a kid. This game is almost exactly same as that game. It enables you to see the altitude and direction and speed at the same time. It’s so addictive. I can’t keep it down since I bought it. I now hope that the developers will come out with graphic 3D version which has the same capabilities. I would give it full stars. Good job guys keep it up.

Nice simulation

by special case on Thursday, September 29 2011 version 2.1

I have been playing many ATC simulations over the years and therefore I dare to say that APP Control is a nice app that will keep you busy for some time.


by cm44 on Sunday, October 16 2011 version 2.0

I wish I knew about this app first before buying all of the other ATC ones. Great app!

Fun Game

by Randall Robertson on Saturday, October 15 2011 version 2.1

This is a fun game that provides more realism than many than most.

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