Why touch clearances on your iPad when the aircraft you control simply react to your voice? APPControl Voice Edition is the first air traffic control game on iPad offering voice recognition!

No other app will give you an experience this close of being an air traffic controller. One of the earlier adopter who is a real-life approach controller in Taipei wrote about it on our facebook page:

“It’s Awesome!!! It’s 0221L here and time to bed, and now I don’t wanna sleep!! 
Voice recognition is very sensitive and more than 90% instructions are successfully received!!! Also the movable data block!!!
LOVE IT!!!!!”

The app’s voice recognition system identifies the following clearances:

  • Climb and maintain / Descend and maintain X thousand feet
  • Turn left / right heading X X X
  • Speed X X X knots
  • Proceed direct X X X
  • Cleared for Approach runway X X

Want to give it a try? Get the Lite Version – it’s free, but limited to two airports and 25 flights per game, vs. 200+ airports and unlimited flights for the full version.

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